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'Daniil Medvedev is an annoying player,' says Matteo Berrettini

Daniil Medvedev thumbs up

Matteo Berrettini has described Daniil Medvedev as 'an annoying player' to play given his unique style of tennis.

Medvedev has gained many fans around the world due to his unusual style on the court, and it has brought him plenty of success too with him briefly occupying the world number two spot earlier this year.

Berrettini has faced Medvedev twice before, once at Indian Wells in 2018 and again at the 2021 ATP Cup, and he has lost both matches.

However, he believes much of that is down to how difficult a player the Russian can be to read.

“He’s an annoying player, not just for me,” Berrettini told SuperTennis of Medvedev.

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“He has a particular technique: the ball, especially with the backhand, turns almost the other way around. Almost a slice comes.

“He plays very deep, from a distance he manages to respond very deeply and deeply, it is difficult to break through, to put in difficulty.

“I am one who plays 'push'; but if I see that I push, that I play well but on the other side I don’t hit, I don’t get the desired result, the thing that puts me under pressure.

“Plus Daniil serves very well. In short, [he] has not already reached number two by chance.”

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