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'I did not do it to mock Alexander Zverev' - Daniil Medvedev defends underarm serve

Daniil Medvedev Paris Masters

Daniil Medvedev said his underarm serve against Alexander Zverev at the ATP Finals was not designed to mock him while he was losing. 

Medvedev was in dominant mood against Zverev to win his first ever ATP Finals match after going 0-3 last year.

A controversial moment arrived in the second set when Medvedev used an underarm serve, much to Zverev's apparent disdain.

Medvedev, though, says it was a perfectly legitimate tactic given the German's return position.

“I did [not do it] at 40-Love on my serve just to laugh and to mock him," Medvedev explained.

"I did it at 30-All to win the point, to win the match,” Medvedev said. “That was the case, and that worked. I see nothing disrespectful [about] it.

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“Before the serve, my wide serve was not working as well as I would have liked it to today and he was returning good.

"So I was like, ‘I’m going to go for the T, probably.’ Then I saw that he was like five metres behind the baseline and I had the ball close to my racquet.

"So I am like, ‘Okay, go for it.’ That was the move, just to win the point.

"It actually worked, he made a good ball back, because he could have missed it.

"It could have even been an ace, but I am happy that it worked because that is also smart.”

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