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'To say Dominic Thiem wasn't motivated is stupid,' says his father

Dominic Thiem super happy

Claiming Dominic Thiem has lacked motivation since winning the US Open is 'stupid,' according to his father Wolfgang.

Thiem reached a career high in September when he won his maiden Grand Slam title in New York.

Since then, though, his form has seriously struggled, with Thiem himself admitting he is finding it tough to get going again.

One theory is that, after achieving such a big career goal, Dominic Thiem allowed his motivation to slip. However, his father has vehemently contested that theory.

"[To say] that he wasn't motivated is a stupid expression," Wolfgang Thiem told People.

"He was motivated, but a few percent was missing. Dominic has a goal again. This is Paris. He knows exactly what he's doing. And that's important.

"Paris is different. It's about winning three sets, that is one of Dominic's strengths.

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"One of his strengths is that he does not enter into a 1- 2 set deficit, keeps the level high and pulls it off."

Thiem has admitted himself he has found it difficult to play during the coronavirus crisis, but Wolfgang does not believe that was a big factor in his loss of form.

"The Corona crisis was not decisive," he said. "It would have happened even without a pandemic.

"Dominic invested everything in his lifelong dream for eight years. After the season he shut down.

"It is normal to ask the question, 'What's next?' He doesn't just want to define himself through sport. You want a girlfriend, you are thinking of a family."

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