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'Those days are gone' - Dominic Thiem says he can't play every week any more

Dominic Thiem disappointed

Dominic Thiem says the days of him playing a packed schedule on the ATP Tour 'are gone' as he tries to be smarter about which tournaments to play.

Thiem has almost been a fixture at events in recent times, rarely skipping tournaments and trying to play as much as possible.

That has served him well with him becoming one of the top players in the world as well as a Grand Slam champion.

However, with knee and foot injuries beginning to afflict him, as well as some mental burnout from the travelling, Thiem says it is time to do things differently

“Those days are gone," Thiem told Tennis TV when asked if he would be continuing with his packed schedule.

"I think it’s more normal when you’re 21, 22 to play week after week, after week.

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“Now I’m 27, I think it’s my eighth year on tour and also before there was Challengers, Futures, the Juniors tour. So, travelling week in, week out, practising every day.

“Of course at one point, you feel all this and the more years you put in your body and also in your mind, the more difficult it gets to play week after week.

“So, I will reduce it a little bit and then it will also get easier to be at 100% the tournaments I play.

"And that’s my goal – to play maybe a little bit less tournaments but be at the top of my game in the ones I participate in.”

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