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'I don't want this to be my last Wimbledon,' says Andy Murray

Andy Murray Wimbledon

Andy Murray says although he doesn't want this to be his last Wimbledon, he is still approaching each tournament like its his last one.

Murray has suffered a series of injuries and bad luck on his road to recovery after requiring major hip resurfacing surgery while he was at at the top of his game.

A positive coronavirus test saw him miss the Australian Open, followed by a freak groin injury the night before the Miami Open, meaning his competitive court time has been limited to a couple of doubles matches in Rome and two matches at Queens last week.

The two-time Wimbledon Champion is now looking ahead to his All England campaign next week and says he's going to make the most of it.

"To me it’s not so much about me worrying about it being my last one, it’s just something that I think about," Murray told Sky News.

"I’ve had so many injuries and so many setbacks you just don’t really know what’s round the corner.

“I want to approach each tournament and each match that I play like it’s my last one so that I can get the most out of it.”

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The 34-year-old says he has lined up practice matches with two of the top grass court players and is hoping that will help him prepare for the big challenge ahead.

“I’m going into the bubble on Wednesday evening so I’m going to get there early to practise at Wimbledon," said Murray.

"Hopefully I’ve got some high quality practices – I’m practising with Cilic today and I practise with Federer later in the week.

“I’m just trying to play with high quality grass court players to prepare me as best as possible.

"I don’t want it to be my last Wimbledon, certainly I want to keep playing, I don’t want to stop just now, so yeah I wanna keep going.”

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