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Emma Raducanu advised to sort coaching dilemma to avoid 'confusion' in her game

Emma Raducanu at Roland Garros

Chris Evert believes Emma Raducanu needs to find a regular coach as quickly as possible to avoid 'confusion' creeping into her game.

Raducanu has gone through four coaches in the last year and is currently happy working without a dedicated mentor.

That policy has not really paid off, though, with her crashing out of Roland Garros in the second round on Wednesday.

For Evert, though, Raducanu would really benefit from finding a coach that she wants to work with long-term.

"Everybody's goal and everybody's dream is to find that right person who can be your coach," Evert told Eurosport.

"Obviously she has not found the right person, it's very radical what she is doing, she has three or four people that are helping her. For me, that would be very confusing.

"I like to make things very simple when I was on tour, one coach who you can trust and respect. If my coach wanted to bring someone in to help me with my serve, then they would do that.

"I had no problem with that. It is whatever works for her, I cannot make any judgements. But I do think at some point she will have one coach, because I think she will figure it out that it is easier mentally, emotionally and physically just to have one person that you can really trust, answer to, and collaborate with."

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Emma Raducanu frustrated

Evert was also keen to point out, however, that Emma Raducanu has had a monumental rise and that must be taken fully into account.

"Let's also remember she hasn't played that much on red clay either, you can tell by the way she was moving, she wasn't sliding comfortably, she wasn't going in and out of corners very comfortably. You have got to hand it to her, she hasn't had that experience.

"When you talk about her life and how it has changed, she is a superstar.

"Look what it did to Naomi Osaka - where Naomi had to take a long break because it was not an easy transition.

"I just want to complement Emma as I think she has handed everything beautifully, I think she has taken everything in her stride, I think tennis is the number one priority for her, she has the ability ignore the naysayers who doubt her ability.

"She still has a huge ceiling and I think we all have to be patient with her."

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