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FEATURE: The top ten ATP Open Era greats listed by tournament win-percentage

Borg Djokovic Nadal Sampras Federer - tournament win percentage

Tennis is not short of great players achieving great feats, and that seems to be especially true in the modern era of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

The key pieces of statistical history are well known at the point, so here is a metric that is less talked-about - tournament win-percentage.

It is imperfect admittedly, as it does not take into account the level of tournaments won, but it is interesting nonetheless.

10. Andy Murray

Tournament entries: 245
Titles: 46
Win percentage: 18.85%

Murray is looking a shadow of his old self as he attempts to continue his career after major hip surgery, but his record suggests why it is worth him persisting.

The former world number one has beaten some genuine greats such as Andre Agassi and Boris Becker onto this list.

Whilst they have both won more titles, they also entered more tournaments, and they didn't have to win them in the 'Big Three' era either.

9. Pete Sampras

Tournament entries: 265
Titles: 64
Win percentage: 24.15%

In terms of the Open Era, there is probably a cut-off point for genuine ATP greats, and that point is Sampras.

With the greatest of respect to Andy Murray, there was always a bit of a 'best of the rest' feel to his career. When Sampras was playing, though, was the best.

If anything, his 64 career titles feels a little lower than you'd expect, which speaks for the quality with which we are dealing here.

8. Jimmy Connors

Tournament entries: 404
Titles: 109
Win percentage: 26.98%

It blows our mind that Connors managed to amass over 400 tournaments, if we are being honest here.

Connors did not play in an era with especially impressive medical care or conditioning techniques, so that figure is frankly sensational. It is one that even Roger Federer will struggle to beat.

At the time of writing, no one has won more ATP titles than Connors either, although a certain Swiss maestro certainly has him in his sights.

7. Roger Federer

Tournament entries: 362
Titles: 103
Win percentage: 28.45%

Roger Federer at Wimbledon

When Roger Federer can't make the top six in any tennis list, you know it's a VERY good list.

Federer is the only man other than Connors to more than century of titles. Both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are chasing that down, naturally, but it remains a hugely exclusive club.

Of course, Federer is not finished yet, ad you wouldn't bet against him improving his title count further.

6. John McEnroe

Tournament entries: 263
Titles: 77
Win percentage: 29.27%

America has had some incredible male tennis players over the years, but no American-born man has a better title win percentage than John McEnroe.

McEnroe was a bit of a rock n roll tennis player, and his career was the same in terms of it seemed a genuine whirlwind of drama.

Among it all, though, there were trophies. So so many trophies, and at a very impressive rate too.

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5. Ivan Lendl

Tournament entries: 320
Titles: 94
Win percentage: 29.37%

Lendl fell just short of joining Connors and Federer in the 100-club, although he boasts a better win-percentage than both.

The Czech-born ace was a true force in his heyday, though, and is sometimes a little criminally overlooked in conversations about the game's greats.

Fact is, so far only two players have won more titles than Lendl did, and only four players won titles more regularly.

4. Rafael Nadal

Tournament entries: 286
Titles: 86
Win percentage: 30.06%

Rafael Nadal backhand Australian Open

The fact Rafael Nadal has been a professional for nearly 20 years yet has only played 286 tournaments shows how much he has had to overcome to earn his spot in history.

The fact is, though, that Nadal is an absolutely prolific winner of titles and he is very likely to add to his tally considerably before he hangs up the Babolat.

You would certainly back Nadal right now to join that exclusive 100 club, particularly given his dominance on clay.

3. Bjorn Borg

Tournament entries: 208
Titles: 66
Win percentage: 31.73%

When you consider what Bjorn Borg could have achieved had he not decided to retire at the age of 25, the mind literally boggles.

When he walked away, he already had 11 Grand Slam titles to his name as part of his total haul of 66, and all from barely 200 tournaments.

There is something incredibly storied about a short but brilliant career - probably that mystery of what might have been - but Borg has a genuine case to be considered at least the equal to any player who ever picked up a tennis racquet.

2. Novak Djokovic

Tournament entries: 258
Titles: 82
Win percentage: 31.78%

Novak Djokovic Australian Open trophy

That's right, it is Novak Djokovic who has the best win record of the current big three, and that will likely surprise no one.

The Serbian is a paragon of efficiency and probably the most mentally indomitable player in the history of men's tennis.

Like Nadal, you know he is far from finished yet, and you'd be genuinely surprised if Novak Djokovic didn't make the 100 club.

1. Rod Laver

Tournament entries: 211
Titles: 71
Win percentage: 33.64%

Ask Roger Federer who the greatest player of all time is, and he will tell you Rod Laver. It is easy to see why.

Laver was the Open Era's first dominant force, and over 50 years later he is still unmatched in terms of title win-percentage.

The Australian won a a third of all tournaments he entered, and that doesn't even include his 37 doubles titles too. Absolutely astonishing.

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