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'Federer, Nadal and Djokovic seem two metres tall because of the respect you have for them' says young ATP Star

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Young ATP ace Casper Ruud has revealed that Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic seem much taller in real life, but admits its probably due to the amount of respect they command. 

Speaking in a TV interview with Skavlan, the Norwegian was fondly recounting a previous encounter with the Big Three at the Australian Open.

"It was in Melbourne a few years ago, and then I remember that we sat in a large cafe where all the players sit to eat," Ruud said.

"When Roger Federer came in, it was completely quiet and everyone turned around. Now the legend is here.

"These three legends, they look taller than they might be. They are probably around 1.85 meters, but it may seem that they are two metres because of the respect you have for them," Ruud said.

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Ruud, who is the first tennis player from Norway to win an ATP Tour title and the highest ranked Norwegian player in ATP history went on to say that coming up against Federer in the 2019 French Open gave him sleepless nights.

"I remember before I was going to play against Roger Federer, it was a bit difficult to sleep the night before," Ruud said.

"When you lie with your head on the pillow, thoughts come. Because when you have to meet a player like Federer, the pressure is great. It is the time of day (while sleeping) where I get to think most about what will happen the next day," he added.

"So when you meet the one who is considered the greatest legend in your sport in history, it is clear that you get a little extra nervous. It was not as easy to fall asleep then."

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