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Get involved with Tennisbuzz and join our writing team

Tennis Courts from above - Tennisbuzz

In the year since Tennisbuzz was launched we have worked diligently to establish an ethos in our tennis journalism of which we can be proud.

With that now firmly established, Tennisbuzz are on the lookout for new writers to join our small team and expand the content we offer readers.

It is important to stress before anything else that this cannot be a paid position at this time. Tennisbuzz is ran at a personal cost and as such we have never been able to pay anyone for any content we publish. As we grow, though, the writers who made it happen will be at the front of the queue for paid positions when we are large enough to offer them.

Who is suited to these roles?

Journalism background and training is not required. Tennisbuzz has been built upon a genuine passion for tennis and that’s what we like to present too.

That said, being able to produce a good standard of writing is obviously important.

Ideally someone who is able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the role is preferred too. As we have said, we are not in a position to pay, so we are also not in a position to place demands on anyone’s time.

Therefore, someone who is strongly self-motivated and able to share in our labour of love to create something special and unique within the tennis media would be perfect. Tennisbuzz is a journey, and we’d love the right people to join us on it.

What Tennisbuzz can do for you

Tennisbuzz is an ideal place to learn about tennis/sports digital media, develop as a writer, gain exposure, and get a foot in the door of the industry.

We will provide training and a platform upon which someone can develop as a tennis writer.

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As we grow, we hope to be able to offer you paid work ourselves, but those who put in the work will undoubtedly find doors opening for them and opportunities arising elsewhere on the back of your work with us.

What the role entails

Tennisbuzz is primarily a tennis news website, but we also have feature content and that is an area we are keen to expand.

We use Wordpress, but experience in the CMS is not essential as training will be provided if necessary.

Ideally, a Tennisbuzz writer would be able to offer most of the following:

  • An unfailing passion for tennis, all year round.
  • Be able to leave their loyalties at the door. We all have our favourite tennis players, but Tennisbuzz is uncompromisingly objective and we see that as a non-negotiable facet of our ethos.
  • Enjoy keeping up to date with tennis news from both the ATP and WTA.
  • Comfortable writing news items of at least 200 words.
  • Creating feature content is not essential but we are always interested in content such as: Top ten lists, Nostalgia, Quizzes, Tournament/match previews, History.
  • Creative and confident enough to share ideas for content and projects to help improve the content of Tennisbuzz and grow the site in general.

How to get involved with Tennisbuzz

We are very interested to hear from anyone who wants to get involved with Tennisbuzz. Send us an email at introducing yourself and telling us what you can bring to the team, and we will get back to you. Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

As Reilly Opelka recently said: “Tennis media sucks and they’re terrible.” We hope to do our bit to change that, and invite you to be the change in tennis media that you want to see.

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