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'We should be grateful to see Roger Federer on the court again' - says former Grand Slam Champion

Roger Federer at Wimbledon

Former Grand Slam champion Jim Courier says the impending return of Roger Federer on court is something all of tennis should be grateful for.

Federer has missed almost all of the 2020 season following two knee surgeries and his expected return to action at the Australian Open hit a bump this week when it was announced he wasn't fully fit.

Courier, who is now a respected commentator and pundit, gave an interview with the Express portal, sharing his thoughts on how the Federer game might have to change when he returns.

But for Courier, the skill that Roger possesses will always shine through, the question really is more on his on-court movement and match tactics.

"Roger Federer's wizardry with a racquet will be intact," Jim Courier said. "He will not have lost his racquet skills, but the big X-factor is the movement.

"He had two knee surgeries, and the return couldn't come as fast as Roger and his team had hoped.

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"Roger has played first-strike tennis for his entire career, and he could even increase if the movement is not there.

"Still, it will be tough for him to endure seven best-of-five encounters without a proper movement, which is what he is here for," Courier added.

At the age of 39, and with 20 Grand Slam titles under his belt, Federer's return to competitive tennis, which is now expected to be in March 2021, is a hotly anticipated event and Courier understands why.

"We should be grateful for seeing him on the court again; he is so fun to watch, and we all hope to see him playing as long as possible," Courier said.

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