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Holger Rune says he is now in a better position to understand where the frustrations have come from and that he is usually a very laid-back person.

Rune has had a breakthrough season, breaking into the top ten rankings for the first time, and winning his maiden ATP Masters title in Paris.

The season hasn’t always been the smoothest though, and the young Dane has developed a reputation for unpredictable behaviour on court.

As well as several heated arguments with officials, Rune also caused controversy in the summer by appearing to shout homophobic slurs at himself during a match.

In another match the 19-year-old appeared to angrily shout ‘leave’ at his mother who was sitting in his box and allegedly Stan Wawrinka advised Rune to ‘stop acting like a baby’ in another on-court altercation.

“I am very calm and relaxed as a person – almost a little lazy,” Holger Rune told Relevant Tennis.

“So I don’t stress over things related to press or work. Sometimes it is good to be a little lazy because you can’t control everything. I use my energy on court. And I have a really good family around me.”

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The current world number 11 believes that changes in his sleeping pattern and diet are helping him to feel more prepared to deal with issues.

“It is important to eat well and sleep enough during the season. Because if I have no energy, the engine will burn out,” Rune said.

“I have a nutrition plan now so I know I get what I need. We found out I did not get half of the sugar and salt I needed [for matches], that is why I had meltdown and cramps.

“I really did not know [things like these] could make so much difference. My coach says that a Ferrari with no fuel is useless. He is right. So I am much more aware now of what I eat, even though I love pepperoni pizza and ice cream.”

Rune ended his 2022 season by beating 21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic to take the Paris Masters title. That followed earlier titles in Stockholm and Munich and reaching the finals in both Basel and Sofia. 

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