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'I am so far away from Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer,' says Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem and Novak Djokovic

Dominic Thiem says he is uncomfortable with comparisons to Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer as he is 'so far away' from them. 

Thiem is playing the kind of tennis this year that is winning him the admiration of fans and rivals alike, and he also won his first Grand Slam title this year.

However, after beating Djokovic in the last four of the ATP Finals, Thiem rejected any suggestion tennis now has a big four rather than a big three.

"If you compare us, especially the big titles, I’m so far away. I have one slam, one Masters 1000, and that’s it,” he explained.

“But I love to play against them. It’s such a huge thing every single match against them.

"We younger players can feel super happy that these three living legends are still around and we can compete with them. Every match against them is a great opportunity.”

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Thiem also beat Nadal in the round robin stage of the ATP Finals this week, meaning he now has five wins against all three.

"To beat every single of the three best players of all time five times each, it’s something great for me.

“But still every single match against them is a huge privilege. It’s a huge opportunity to learn.

"Of course if you beat these guys, it gives you a huge boost of confidence.”

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