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'I didn't want any more fines!' - Serena Williams explains Australian Open outfit alteration

Serena Williams at Australian Open

Serena Williams says she had to make a key alteration to the Flo-Jo outfit that inspired her after another dominant Australian Open display.

Williams beat Anastasia Potapova 7-6, 6-2 to secure a spot in the fourth round, but once again questions turned to her striking outfit after the match.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has always turned heads with her on-court attire, although often she has gone further than the authorities would like and landed herself a fine.

She, though, was determined that wasn't going to happen this time!

“They [the designers] came up with something fresh, and they were inspired by Flo-Jo, who obviously was an amazing American track star," Williams explained.

"She did have one that was cut a little bit higher, and I opted not to have that because I don’t want to get any more fines!

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"So I thought it was best... I had more of a leg!"

Williams got off to a slower start against Potapova than she would have liked, but once she settled into her rhythm she was incredibly dominant.

"I came out of the blocks not like I have been before," Serena Williams said.

"But it's all about surviving and playing better every round."

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