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'I don't give respect for that you absolute pelican,' rages Nick Kyrgios in fresh Twitter feud

Australian continues passionate defence of 'one of mine' Andy Murray...
Nick Kyrgios at Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios took aim at another top tennis name this week as the fallout from Mats Wilander's Andy Murray comments continued.

Wilander suggested it was time for Murray to retire following his French Open first-round defeat, and he was told to 'shut up' by Kyrgios on Twitter as a result.

World number 16 Karen Khachanov leapt to the defence of the Eurosport analyst, though, demanding Kyrgios show him more respect.

"Nah I’m good dude," Kyrgios tweeted back to him.

"Muzz (Andy Murray) and I respect each other, and if someone starts talking about one of mine then I’ll come at them.

"I’m supposed to respect Mats? For what? Hitting a ball over the net? I don’t give my respect for that."

Khachanov replied by suggesting the sheer volume of spats that Kyrgios gets himself embroiled in with other players may actually highlight that he is the problem.

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"So you think what the players did during this pandemic was smart?' Kyrgios replied.

"I’d love to have an intellectual conversation with you but I’m not sure it would go further than how hard you could hit a ball. I’ve simply been holding people accountable."

The Russian, understandably, did not take too kindly to having his intelligence questioned.

"Next time before talking about my intellect read at least a few books, instead or playing video games whole day long," he replied.

Kyrgios, though, typically demanded the last word, and he made sure it was as colourful as ever.

"I’ve also been feeding the hungry, helping open up new facilities for kids to get active. But way to do your research you absolute pelican."

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