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'I hope Daniil Medvedev is nowhere near me for the rest of my days,' says Dan Evans

Daniil Medvedev at US Open

Dan Evans said Daniil Medvedev was so good in their US Open clash that he hopes he is 'nowhere near him for the rest of his days.'

Medvedev has looked sensational at the US Open so far, with no player winning five games against him in any set so far in his four matches.

Evans became the Russian's latest victim with the world number two blasting his way to a 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 win.

And having seen Medvedev up close, Evans says he is far better than many people realise.

“I felt Daniil was very good,” Evans said. “I think he showed why he has his ranking, why he’s challenging in these tournaments to win them.

“In sport, there’s levels, and he was a different level to me today, yeah.

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“It looks very unorthodox, but he’s hitting the ball pretty big, very close to the lines, great serve. I think the serve for me is the thing I think is a bit underrated. He goes through his service games very quickly.

“Everyone knows how well he moves. But I think his serve and how he goes from deep to up the court so quick is another very difficult thing to see on television until you play him.

“You’re looking at the draw hoping he’s nowhere near me for the rest of my days. I mean, I think you’ve just got to take it as it is.

“I got a good, healthy lesson out there and just move on. It’s just a tough match. Some people are better than you, and that’s it really.”

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