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'I truly believe I can do it again,' says Roger Federer ahead of Grand Slam return

Roger Federer celebrates

Roger Federer believes that despite turning 40 this year and recovering from major surgery, he can still win tournaments and compete at the top level of tennis.

Federer has played just three matches in the last 16 months since returning from double knee surgery which forced him out of the game in early 2020.

Two of those were in Doha, in March 2021, where he won one and lost one and the other in Geneva last week where he was defeated in his first match.

It hasn't been the best preparation for his Grand Slam return at Roland Garros next week but the Swiss ace has admitted that it is the grass season he's really aiming for and in particular, Wimbledon.

The challenge will be immense for the 39-year-old who many thought would retire last year following the injury, but Federer says he still believes he can get back to the top again.

“I don’t know, I’m really relaxed about where my career is, where my life is,” Roger Federer told GQ Magazine.

“And I know that this [moment] is one last big, huge opportunity for me to do something great. I mean, it’s always like this when you have achieved as much as I have.

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“I want to win more, otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone through the whole [last] year of surgeries and the process of doing five weeks on crutches and rehab."

Asked if he worries his age will limit what he can do, the 20-time Grand Slam champion says although it is a factor, he doesn't feel almost 40 and he still has the winning mindset.

“I truly believe I can do it again. [But] I first have to prove to myself that the body can take it. The mind is ready to go.

“I can’t believe I’m 39, to be honest,” Federer said. “Turning 40… it’s like my life has gone by on the tour.

“I’ve enjoyed so many moments, I’ve had some tough moments, of course. I’ve been tired. I was hurt. I was sick. I’ve played with all sorts of issues.

“But I feel like juniors were yesterday. Do I sound like an 80-year-old person who looks back at their childhood as their favourite part?”

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