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'If you are lucky enough to train with Rafa, that brings pure delight' says top coach

Rafael Nadal celebrates

Jose Vendrell, coach of Roberto Bautista Agut, has been praising Rafa Nadal for offering his player the perfect training preparation ahead of the Australian swing. 

Nadal welcomed Bautista Agut and coach Vendrell to Mallorca for some high-intensity practice sessions before both players headed to Australia.

Rafa and Roberto will firstly play together as teammates leading Team Spain's challenge in the ATP Cup, before competing against each other for the Australian Open title.

Coach Jose Vendrell was quick to praise Nadal, not only for the opportunity, but for the intensity of the training which he believes will benefit both players.

“Rafa raises your level in every aspect. He sets the bar high, and you have to bring high intensity to practice with him.

"Those couple of days helped both Rafa and Roberto; they had high-quality practice sessions.

“Against Rafa, there is no margin for errors; you make a little one, and he will take the advantage.

“Every point requires a lot of intensity; you have to start it aggressively and prepare the defence when he counterattacks.

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"Nadal raises the level of your physical and mental strength and your game in general.

“It is like a centrifuge; Rafa takes you out of your comfort zone, leaves you with almost no weapons and demands your best to stay in touch with him.

“I don’t think there’s much difference between how Nadal and Bautista Agut train and compete. It’s intensive and serious level, and they are both very involved.

“Training with Bautista Agut drew positive things to Nadal as well, as he had to bring his best to practice with the rival of that quality and intensity.

“Nadal and his team were very nice to us and treated us wonderfully. It is a place where you can breathe tennis, ideal for preparing.

“It is a reference centre. If you are lucky enough to train with Rafa as we have, that brings pure delight.”

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