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'Iga Swiatek reminds me of Novak Djokovic... she glides on the court,' says WTA ace

Iga Swiatek might be a self-confessed Rafael Nadal fan, but one WTA star says she is more like Novak Djokovic on the court.
Iga Swiatek tribute to Ash Barty

Alize Cornet has likened Iga Swiatek to Novak Djokovic as she becomes the latest player to attempt to end her incredible winning streak.

Swiatek has amassed 37 wins in a row - a run of matches that has delivered six WTA titles including the French Open.

Alize Cornet will attempt to put an end to that in the third round of Wimbledon on Saturday, although she doesn't know how.

Swiatek herself is a self-confessed Rafael Nadal fan, but Cornet sees more of his rival in her game.

"I don't know "her ball" yet, I am yet to discover it, but I think she is very strong," Cornet said of Swiatek.

"It emphasizes the intensity of the game and the physicality is crazy. In terms of the way she moves and glides on the court, she reminds me a bit of Novak Djokovic."

"She hits the ball very early with great power, but this is not the classic flat "boom, boom". She can do anything."

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Cornet has been in pretty good form herself, though, and she wonders if there is one small chink in Swiatek's game that can be exposed.

"She serves very well with the first service, but maybe there is something to catch up in the second," Cornet said.

"She's so cute, so natural, says what she thinks and doesn't look down on anyone: Modesty, without arrogance. I have the impression that he has a lot of very good qualities."

The third-round clash at Wimbledon will be the first ever on-court meeting between Iga Swiatek and Alize Cornet.

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