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Iga Swiatek says her 'life has changed completely' following her French Open Cinderella story

Iga Swiatek celebrates at Roland Garros

Iga Swiatek says her life has changed completely after her French Open win and she needs to get used to being a celebrity in Poland.

Teenager Swiatek was one of the greatest Roland Garros stories in recent times, as she arrived unseeded and ranked outside of the world's top 50, but breezed to the title without even dropping a set.

In the process she became Poland's first ever Grand Slam winner, and as a result has shot to prominence in her home country, and it's taking some getting her head around.

"It's pretty crazy here [in Poland]," Iga Swiatek told BBC Sport

"I feel like my life changed completely and I'm trying to get used to that. I left a different Poland that I came back to, because right now I'm kind of popular here."

"Basically I was in shock for the next three days.

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"I couldn't tell you my emotions, because even I don't understand them.

"I always wanted to win all four Grand Slams and to have an Olympic medal, and I always thought of it as a dream. But right now, when I actually won French Open, it stopped like being so distant for me."

There was, however, one message from someone who is certainly well-positioned to help Swiatek through the sudden changes in her life.

"I'm doing pretty well, but if I'm going to have any problems, then Naomi texted me that I can always ask her for advice or for support," she revealed.

"We had a quick chat on social media right after the final. I feel like I am supported, so it is great."

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