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'I'm a little worried for Serena Williams - she needs to get leaner,' says Grand Slam legend

Serena Williams in practice

Grand Slam legend Chris Evert has advised Serena Williams to 'get a little leaner' to give herself the best chance of winning the elusive 24th major.

Williams is yet to win a Grand Slam title since returning to the game after giving birth to her daughter.

She suffered an Achilles injury in the semi-finals of the US Open last month and then withdrew from the French Open in the second round after failing to recover.

However, Evert thinks all the weapons are still there for Serena, and just one small change could see her collect a record-equalling title next season.

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"I'm getting a little worried for Serena,' Eurosport expert Evert said of Williams.

'I thought her better chance was at the US Open; I didn't think it would happen at the French Open, and it depends on her commitment to her fitness level.

"The tools, shots, power and mentality are there; she is brilliant in those aspects.

"However, I still feel that she can get a little bit leaner, and that will help her to get quicker around the court and get those sharp angles, getting in the better positions for shots."

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