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'It was not a good tactic for him...' - Rafael Nadal discusses attempt to catch him out at French Open

Does it only annoy Rafa when Nick Kyrgios does it?!
Rafael Nadal press conference

Rafael Nadal says he has no problem with Mackenzie McDonald trying to catch him out with underarms serves, particularly since they didn't work.

Nadal was in crushingly dominant mood against the American at Roland Garros on Wednesday, comprehensively overpowering McDonald 6-1, 6-0, 6-3.

McDonald tried to shake things up slightly by serving underarm to the world number two, only for Nadal to mercilessly thunder the return straight past him.

“If he’s winning, it is a good tactic," Rafael Nadal said of the under-arm serves after the match. "If he’s losing, it is a bad tactic. That’s all.

"For example, today for Mackenzie it was not a good tactic."

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Nadal has previously described under-arm serves as 'disrespectful' when Nick Kyrgios did it to him in Acapulco two years ago.

He appears to have had a change of heart on it since, though.

"I don’t see it as disrespectful," he explained. "If you do it with the goal to improve your game, or like a tactical thing, I support it 100%.

"But if you do it to disrespect the opponent, it is not a good thing.

“It Is part of the rules, you can do it. Is about yourself and if you feel good doing or not.”

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