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'Ivan Lendl still believes in me,' says Andy Murray as he looks ahead to Wimbledon

Ivan lendl will be with Andy Murray at Wimbledon, and the Brit says finding someone who still believes in him was crucial.
Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl at Wimbledon

Andy Murray says that Ivan Lendl 'still believes in him,' and that gives him an enormous confidence boost heading into Wimbledon.

Murray had the greatest success of his brilliant career while under the tutelage of Lendl, with all three of his Grand Slam titles coming during that period.

He opted for a coaching change at the end of last season and in March announced a reunion with Lendl, and it's something he thinks makes him immediately stronger - as his tennis since has shown.

“Obviously having Ivan on my team helps," Murray said. "We’ve had a lot of success in the past. We know each other well. He still believes in me.

"There’s not loads of coaches, people out there, that have done over this last period, and he has. That definitely helps me.”

Andy Murray also explained the process of reuniting with Lendl, admitting that other coaches turned him down before he was finally able to resolve the situation.

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Much of that, though, was down to him setting his sites incredibly high and there being relatively few coaches able to deliver it.

“For the most part, when I had had conversations with coaches, the potential of working with someone, it had come off most of the time and worked out, whereas this time round, I got turned down by a lot of coaches.

“That obviously was difficult to deal with because there’s obviously good coaches out there. I don’t know how many that are top-level coaches that maybe you’d really want to work with if you’re trying to win the major events.

“That’s also why I’m grateful that Ivan has come back to work with me and help me try and achieve what it is I want to achieve.”

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