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Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe are full of fighting talk ahead of their clash with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, or ‘Fedal’ as fans call the dynamic duo, on Friday night at the Laver Cup.

With it being Federer’s last professional tennis match of his career, not to mention the ever so popular pairing with Nadal, it’s fair to say that the Swiss and Spaniard will have the majority of the support from fans across the world.

However, this doesn’t seem to faze Sock, a four-time Grand Slam doubles champion, who promised not to hold back during the match.

‘’Obviously tomorrow night is going to be a beyond-iconic evening, doubles match,’’ Sock said in a press conference ahead of the eagerly awaited clash.

‘’I'm just stoked to be a part of it with my guy Foe, you know, next to me.

‘’We will go out and enjoy the moment, but not going to hold anything back. Sorry, Roger. Don't want to spoil the night.’’

Tiafoe, who is the only man to beat Nadal this year at a Grand Slam, agreed with his teammate and expressed their intention to secure a victory for Team World.

‘’I'm just excited to play two up-and-comers tomorrow,” Tiafoe joked.

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“Should be good. No, it's going to be iconic to be part of that. Both guys are absolute legends, and obviously Roger's last dance. Again, as Jack said, we are definitely just out there trying to get a win.”

Team World captain John McEnroe has spoken out about how it is ‘unfair’ to label Sock and Tiafoe as the villains in this situation, as they prepare to go up against two of tennis’s most beloved stars and threaten to deny Federer a last chance to win.

‘’First of all, I just want to say that these guys aren't villains,’’ McEnroe said about Sock and Tiafoe. ‘’I earned that reputation. That's unfair to them.

‘’They are opponents to, you know, a very unique situation that we are all fortunate enough to be around. Obviously, this is not another match. This is an incredible moment for our sport.

‘’The good news is that if they win, they are not going to be villains either. This is about the celebration of what Roger has accomplished and him ending it and hopefully not hurting himself, is what I'm thinking.

‘’So, whether he wins or loses I believe is beyond the point. So that opens the door beautifully for us to go do our thing.’’

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