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'Jannik Sinner does not have the firepower to bother Novak Djokovic,' predicts top analyst

"Five sets at Wimbledon on centre court against Novak... I mean, you got to be good [to win]..."
Novak Djokovic looks on at Wimbledon ahead of Jannik Sinner clash

Jannik Sinner 'does not have enough firepower to bother Novak Djokovic,' says Mats Wilander ahead of their Wimbledon quarterfinal.

Djokovic is defending both the Wimbledon title and a 25-match winning streak in SW19 right now, and he has been in incredible form so far in the tournament.

Sinner has impress plenty too, with him producing outstanding performances to beat John Isner and Carlos Alcaraz in the previous two rounds.

However, speaking to Eurosport, Wilander fears the young Italian will fare the same as everyone else is against Djokovic right now.

“I’m not sure if Jannik has enough firepower to bother Novak," Wilander said.

"I mean, he has enough firepower to kill John Isner and to basically kill Carlos Alcaraz. And obviously, Alcaraz beat Novak in Madrid on clay.

“Five sets at Wimbledon on centre court against Novak. I mean, you got to be good. There are so many different things and you have to win points so many different ways because it's not enough to ball strike and fight hard against Novak alone.

“There has to be a little bit more if you're gonna have a chance to win. The best attitude here is to go in and try and play the right way. And that's what I'm sure Sinner will do.

"I'm sure he's gonna play the way he can handle. And I'm sure he's gonna try a few things like serve and volley once in a while and do a few things to disturb the rhythm of Novak.

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“But, in general, it's most probably a matchup that Novak is just slightly better at most things. But Sinner has improved so much with each match here and it's possible that if he hits it hard enough.

"We know that Sinner is going to be defending most of the time, but it’s highly unlikely that if it lasts over five sets Sinner will actually win."

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Jannik Sinner is now working with Darren Cahill, who has coached Simona Halep to a Wimbledon title before, and he has appeared to have increased his level since the Australian's arrival in his camp.

While Mats Wilander does not expect him to beat Novak Djokovic, he is not prepared to rule him out entirely.

“It will be very unexpected if Sinner doesn't have a chance, or if he doesn't win a set," he said.

"Maybe at least get to five in a set or play a tiebreaker then that would be that would be more of a surprise than if it's a very straightforward sort of 6-3, 6-3, 6-3.

"I think that would be a little bit more surprising rather than potentially Sinner taking a set.”

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