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Jannik Sinner reveals Darren Cahill impact, saying: 'I will become more unpredictable'

Jannik Sinner has already shown serious improvement since working with Darren Cahill, and he believes it is just the start:" "In Eastbourne I went to the net once, in the second round of Wimbledon, fifty!"
Jannik Sinner ahead of Novak Djokovic Wimbledon test

Jannik Sinner has paid tribute to new coach Darren Cahill following his immediate impact on the Italian's game.

Cahill is regarded as one of the best coaches in tennis and he helped Simona Halep to two majors in recent years.

He linked up with Sinner just before Wimbledon, and he went on to make it to the quarterfinals with only an exceptional Novak Djokovic comeback able to stop him going further.

"It was to lend a hand to me and Simone Vagnozzi, whose work is fundamental," Sinner explained about the thinking behind hiring Cahill.

"We focused a lot on the physique. We met with Darren before Roland Garros and we started to work in Eastbourne, even if it didn't go very well.

"The point for me is to have more information without getting confused. He is doing well and I'm happy."

Jannik Sinner also confirmed he plans to continue working with Cahill for the long term as he hopes to continue adding yet more variety to his game.

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He also, though, wants to make sure he does not lose the identity his game already has.

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"The most important thing is not to lose my identity as a player," he said. "I am an aggressive tennis player with room for improvement in many aspects of the game.

"With Darren we started working on the service, changing something, and the results, even if they are already in sight, in my opinion will be visible in the months to come.

"What player I will be in two or five years I don't know, but I will certainly have more solutions than today and I will be more unpredictable. This is the goal. It takes time to put everything you feel into the game in training.

"In Eastbourne I went to the net once while here, in the second round of Wimbledon, fifty. This does not mean that I will become a serve and volley player, just that I am adding things to my game. The maximum focus will be on American tournaments, from Cincinnati onwards."

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