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Jessica Pegula cruised into the quarterfinals of the US Open with a dominant win over Petra Kvitova, although she admitted the strange management of the roof on Arthur Ashe was a source of confusion.

The match had to be stopped for 40 minutes after rain saturated the court and officials were indecisive on whether or not to close the roof.

In the end it didn’t hurt Pegula, with her winning 6-3, 6-2, but she says she was as baffled as anyone by the roof situation.

Asked for her thoughts on the incident, Pegula said: “I don't know. They told me ‘we are going to close the roof or we're going to check on it,’ and then they came out and said, ‘we're not going to close the roof, it looks like it passed.

“Petra and I were a little confused because it still looked pretty dark out when we looked up. We were like, okay, whatever, we'll keep playing. The court dries pretty fast, so I think they don't really want to close it unless they really have to.

The court dried up pretty quick and then we were back out there. It was still kind of dark though and I had a feeling that it was going to start raining again, then they ended up closing it.

The counrt inside Arthur Ashe wet from rain at US Open

“I'm not really sure if it was a mishap with the weather or what happened.

“Of course it's a little frustrating. You don't really want to be -- especially at the start of the match when there's no feeling of what's going on - sitting there in limbo, not sure what to do.

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Although the scoreline looks like Jessica Pegula had it all her own way, she had to survive a bit of a fightback in the second set.

At that time, Kvitova was starting to build momentum, but Pegula believes focusing on getting her serve right was crucial in preventing a switch in momentum.

"I was just 'okay, don't get frustrated, she hit a couple good shots. Stick to your patterns.'

"I think for me, my placement on my serve was very important. She can really hit it so early so out in front and hit her spots so well. That makes it really hard to defend.

"Even if you get back the first ball of a return you're probably going to lose the point.

"I was just trying to focus on hitting my spots on my serve. I knew what those were. I just had to focus on that and not get frustrated if she was going to hit a winner or something."

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