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John Isner: 'PTPA involvement would ultimately be healthy for the Tour'

John Isner - unhappy with ATP Tour leadership

John Isner says he thinks the ATP Tour would benefit from embracing the PTPA, adding players deserve greater transparency from the governing body. 

The political unrest among men's tennis is starting to build towards a crescendo, with Alexander Zverev and Andrey Rublev speaking out against the new rankings system.

The drastically reduced prize money on offer right now is also a topic of contention, with the Miami pot down 78% from the last time it was held due to the coronavirus.

Isner has been particularly critical of that, observing that he has seen no evidence of ATP executives taking a similar cut in pay, and he says things can't really improve until trust can be rebuilt.

"I think ultimately it could be healthy for the tour," Isner said. "Some people would definitely disagree with me."

"I think for some of the players, it's not so much about the prize money. We don't really want to make it about that.

"Maybe it's about tour structure that the players would like to have better knowledge of as to why decisions are made, what went into making each decision."

"There's just a little bit of uncertainty about how those numbers came into play, why the prize money is what it is.

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"Of course, we would like to be playing for more, but we understand with the loss of ticketing revenue, our purses are going to go down," he said.

"But there are some players that have questions about why it was down so much. The tour has implemented a strategy that is keeping the lower rounds pretty similar.

"The prize money in the quarters, semis and finals, has been chopped quite a bit. The top players in our game have taken a big hit as far as the prize money is concerned recently."

Whilst he has been open with his criticisms, John Isner has also revealed that progress is being made in discussions.

"Look, there’s always going to be some things that players are unhappy about.

"I do think recently the players have felt like the tour has been more transparent with them. We're trying to understand the process a bit more."

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