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Karen Khachanov apologises after European Open drama, admitting 'I just couldn't control my temper'

Karen Khachanov unhappy

Karen Khachanov has apologised for his behaviour at the European Open after a series of furious clashes with the umpire.

Khachanov lost his quarter-final clash with Dan Evans in three sets, but was on the receiving end of some dreadful line-calls.

There is no Hawkeye in use in Antwerp, and after one clearly wrong call the Russian told the umpire: “What are you doing here? This makes it clear that we don’t need you at all. After the game, we will look at this point together, because he was not out at all."

Another disputed call went against Khachanov in the second-set tiebreak, prompting him to kick the sponsors panel on the net and hit the chair.

His fury was then furthered when the umpire insisted he ask permission to go to the toilet directly afterwards.

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After the match, though, Khachanov used his social media channels and apologised for his 'rude behaviour, while also revealing the umpire had admitted his mistakes.

"It was an emotional, complicated, and difficult match," Khachanov said. "After the match, I talked to the umpire.

"He was really sorry and apologised to me for the mistakes he made and I apologised to him for my rude behaviour.

"At the end of the day, we are all human and able to make mistakes.

"I didn't want to insult anyone and act like this. I just couldn't control my temper in those crucial moments, which in the end reflected on the result."

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