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Marin Cilic: 'It doesn't matter whether Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, or Roger Federer wins Grand Slam race'

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Marin Cilic says who wins the Grand Slam race between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic will only matter to the history books, not to fans.

Tennis' top trio have been battling it out for well over a decade now to decide who finishes their careers with the most majors.

Federer and Nadal are currently ahead with 20 each, but Djokovic won his 18th at the Australian Open to close to within striking distance.

Djokovic is also the youngest of the three and appears to have the most tennis left in him.

Cilic, though, who won the US Open and lost two more Grand Slam finals - both to Federer - believes fans will make their own judgement on whose achievements they consider greatest, and the record books will only make up part of the the debate, not the end of it.

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"You know let's say at the end of their careers it doesn't matter [whether] Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer is having the most Grand Slams," Cilic told the Game of Two Halves podcast.

"I think it's gonna matter in the history of books, who had the most of Grand Slams. But, you know, they're all individuals, and we all value our success differently.

"You know, for me, having one slam and having this great career I had, it's still incredibly good.

"And it's not easy to compare generations because it's been different tennis, different rivalries, you know, it's a lot of things different."

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