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Mats Wilander: 'Every shot Roger Federer hits makes me feel like an awful tennis player'

Roger Federer forehand French Open

Mats Wilander says he felt like 'he was in heaven' watching Roger Federer playing quality tennis again after so long.

Federer returned to Grand Slam action for the first time in 487 days on Tuesday as he beat Denis Istomin in the first round of the French Open.

It was his fourth match of the year, and by far his best performance, and Wilander insists he never fails to feel awe when watching the 39-year-old when he is anywhere even close to his best.

"It felt like I was in heaven," Eurosport expert Wilander said after watching Federer again.

"Roger is just so graceful, it really looked like he was never away, first of all.

"But he is so graceful, everything he does – the drop shots, the sliced backhand, the serve and volley...

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"Every single shot he hits makes me feel awkward, like I am an awful tennis player. It’s unbelievable how you can play tennis like that.

"I think shot selection for Roger Federer is very important, because it is a little bit slippery, we saw him slip a bit today, it’s important that when he has the opportunity to do something with the ball that he puts enough spin on it so that the ball doesn’t come back to him as quickly.

"He needs to be in control of the point, he needs to hit enough spin so he is not attacked by his opponent."

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