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Matteo Berrettini blasts ATP over Wimbledon decision: 'Nobody asked us - that's not fair'

"I think this is the biggest decision the ATP has taken in the last 20 years at least. Nobody asked us our opinion about it, and I think it shouldn’t work like that."
Matteo Berrettini roar Wimbledon

The Wimbledon rankings points arguments rumbled on as Matteo Berrettini blasted the ATP for 'taking the biggest decision in 20 years without asking the players.'

No ranking points will be awarded at Wimbledon this summer in response to their decision to ban players from Russia and Belarus due to the conflict in Ukraine.

That essentially means that the better you did in last year's tournament the more you will be punished, as the points will drop without players getting a chance to defend them.

Berrettini reached the final last year, meaning he and winner Novak Djokovic will be hit harder than any other men on the ATP Tour.

That will result in a rankings blow for both, with Berrettini to drop out of the world's top 20 as a result.

“It’s a really difficult situation to handle for everybody," Berrettini told reporters at Queen's, where he is the defending champion.

“First of all for the people suffering [in Ukraine].

“In my specific case it’s really complicated because I played well last year on grass and it doesn’t matter how well I play this year, my ranking is going to drop. I think that is not fair.

“[If] the ranking is working normally, the more you play, the better you play, the better your ranking is going to be.

“I think this was taken away, that’s what I don’t agree with.”

Despite that acknowledgement, Berrettini clearly feels let down by the ATP, particularly - and understandably so.

Matteo Berrettini after winning Stuttgart

“Nobody contacted us," he fumed. "Nobody asked us our opinion about it, and I think it shouldn’t work like that.

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“Maybe we should do something in order to avoid these kind of situations, because I think this is the biggest decision the ATP has taken in the last 20 years at least.”

Players such as Naomi Osaka have suggested they may not even play Wimbledon without the reward of rankings points on offer, but Berrettini does not think there will be many - if any - who follow through on similar threats.

“It’s a Slam," Matteo Berrettini said. “If I read it right it’s going to be record prize money [there] this year as well.

“So, everybody’s willing to play obviously, also because it’s Wimbledon. It’s one of the most important tournaments that we have.

“I don’t see anybody saying ‘Ok, I’m not going because there are no points’.

Wimbledon logo

“I think it’s affecting more the ones who have to defend [points] and the ones who can possibly gain a lot of points.

“For example, for me, reaching the semi-finals in the US Open changed my career, because then I qualified for the ATP Finals when it was [still] in London.

“[That] situation changed everything, so I think it’s also not really fair for those players.

“But I don’t think there are going to be any changes in the tournament.

“I think everyone will play with their best effort and it’s going to be a great Wimbledon.”

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