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Matteo Berrettini on ATP Finals retirement: 'Worst day of my life on a tennis court'

Matteo Berrettini dejected at ATP Finals

Matteo Berrettini described his retirement against Alexander Zverev at the ATP Finals as 'the worst day of his life.'

The ATP Finals have moved to Turin from this year, meaning Berrettini was enjoying a partisan crowd in his corner as he face Zverev in his opening match.

He played his part in a memorable opening set, narrowly losing it in a tiebreak, before breaking down early in the second with an abdominal injury.

“It was unbelievable, the atmosphere was one of the best that I ever felt in my life and that’s why I probably feel so bad right now,” the 25-year-old said during his press conference.

“The thought of not finishing the match, that I wasn’t able to finish the match is killing me.

“I really hope it’s nothing bad, but today I couldn’t play, I couldn’t finish and I really wanted to.

"I really wanted to enjoy every second, that’s what we said at the beginning with my team and the worst thing that could happen, happened."

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The injury seemed to appear out of nowhere, which only added to the disappointment for Berrettini.

“I didn’t feel anything and then I felt it just like in that serve in the last game,” he said.

“It’s something that it’s mentally really tough for me because I use to have an injury close to the same area, so it’s really tough for me to go and play over it.

“I don’t know what it is. So first I have to figure out what it is and then mentally if I see that it’s nothing really big, then maybe I can play.

“It’s probably the worst day that I had on a tennis court in my life.”

If Berrettini cannot continue in the tournament, then he will be replaced by compatriot Jannik Sinner.

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