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'Where is the f**king pressure?!' - Boris Becker urges Naomi Osaka to embrace media duties

Naomi Osaka tough US Open draw

Boris Becker has criticised Naomi Osaka for her attempts to snub the tennis media this summer.

Osaka withdrew from Roland Garros during the tournament and subsequently pulled out of Wimbledon too.

She has cited the pressures of dealing with the media for her absence, saying it causes her a great deal of social anxiety.

Becker, though, has shown little sympathy for Osaka, and says she needs to adapt to tennis rather than try to force tennis to adapt to her.

Speaking to The Times, Becker said: “Is that really pressure? Isn’t it pressure when you don’t have food on the table?

"When you’ve got to feed your family and you don’t have a job? When you have a life-changing injury? Isn’t that more pressure?

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“You’re 23, you’re healthy, you’re wealthy, your family is good. Where is the f**king pressure?

“If you can’t deal with the media, it’s very difficult to be a professional tennis player,” Becker said.

“The tour isn’t possible without the press. And it’s difficult to make your prize money, or money for your sponsors without the media.

“It’s not something we look forward to. But it’s part of the job. You have to learn to deal with it.”

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