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Nick Kyrgios on 'drunk' fan at Wimbledon: 'I don't need someone smashed talking to me'

Nick Kyrgios has explained his altercation with a 'drunk out of her mind' fan at Wimbledon, saying: 'I don't need someone smashed talking to me when I'm playing one of the best players of all time.'
Nick Kyrgios unhappy with fan at Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios says a drunk Wimbledon fan definitely affected him in the final, but didn't cost him the match.

Kyrgios was unhappy with the fan - a lady in the front row - who he claimed had been deliberately distracting him during his service games.

At one point he took up the issue with the chair umpire during the changeover, saying: "She's drunk out of her mind in the first row, talking to me in the middle of the game

"The one with the dress, the one who looks like she's had about 700 drinks, bro!"

Ultimately, Kyrgios held that particular service game, but he did lose enough of them to also lose the match.

"I wouldn't say she cost me the game but you know like I'm playing Wimbledon finals against probably one of the best players of all time," Nick Kyrgios said.

"I don't need someone absolutely smashed talking to me point in, point out, do you know what I mean?"

"I'm all for having a great time but speaking between first and second serve like to me, you know! I've been on a couple nights out in my life and I knew that she had too many.

"I told the umpire, I was like, 'She's speaking to me a lot and she's drunk, what you gonna do about it?' He was like, 'I didn't know she was drunk' and then she continued and I was like that's when you gotta maybe give her water or take her out."

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The Wimbledon final was the biggest match of Kyrgios' career and the closest he has ever got to a winning a major.

However, he said he could ultimately have no complaints about the result.

"I'm very disappointed. I had a bit of anxiety before the match," he said. "I didn't know how it would play out.

"I played a great first set and felt like I was in complete control of the match."

"It's weird. I felt like Djokovic didn't do anything amazing today. He just came back like he always does.

"In the big moments of the match, it felt like he was never nervous. It's one of his great strengths. He never looks nervous. He's focused until the last point of the game. I have to congratulate him on the great game he played."

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