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'Nick Kyrgios is great for tennis and has a great heart,' says former world number four

Nick Kyrgios plays up to the crowd at Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios is a 'huge talent who is great for tennis,' according to Eurosport expert and former world number four Tim Henman.

The Australian has been a must-watch presence at the Australian Open, and was involved in arguably the best two matches of the tournament before being eliminated by Dominic Thiem.

He has also caused more than his fair share of controversies in his career though, and has repeatedly targeted world number one Novak Djokovic for abuse, leaving him a highly divisive figure in the sport.

Henman, though, says the good outweighs the bad with Kyrgios and he himself is a big fan.

"For me, Nick Kyrgios is great for tennis,” Henman told Eurosport.

“He’s a volatile character, you never quite know what to expect. He’s a huge talent, one of the best serves in the game.

“And he’s got a very good heart. He’s supported me and my charity foundation, he does a lot of good stuff off the court.

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“If he could maintain that concentration and focus, both on the practice court and match court, I really think he can go on and produce bigger and better results.

“I’m a fan. I hope he can channel that talent to go on and win some big titles in the future.”

However, when asked if he thought he had gone a little too far, Henman replied: “With Kyrgios, it’s a fine line. Obviously he’s a character on and off the court.

“But it’s very important that he can still concentrate so that these antics don’t become a distraction, they don’t affect his performance.

“Sometimes I think he’s got to learn where to draw the line and get back to the basics of implementing the enormous talent that he has on the court.”

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