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Nick Kyrgios reveals 'disappointed' reaction to Rafael Nadal Wimbledon withdrawal

Nick Kyrgios says he 'really wanted' the Rafael Nadal match to happen and he is far from relieved about Spaniard's Wimbledon withdrawal.
Nick Kyrgios going for Wimbledon title

Nick Kyrgios says he was disappointed to have missed out on facing Rafael Nadal, even though it means he is a Wimbledon finalist.

Kyrgios was due to play Nadal in the semi-final on Friday, but he withdrew the night before due to an abdominal tear.

That means Kyrgios gets a walkover into Sunday's final, but he says that really isn't what he wanted.

"As a competitor, I really did want that match," Kyrgios said. "As soon as I beat [Cristian] Garin I knew Rafa was a high possibility.

"I really did want to see how the third chapter was going to go. I just hope he recovers. My first feeling was a bit disappointed."

"My energy was so focused on playing [Nadal] and tactically how I'm going to go out there and play, the emotions of walking out there, all that type of stuff.

"But, you know, it wouldn't have been easy for him to do that [withdraw]. He barely lost a match this year. He wanted to probably go for all four. So it wouldn't be easy. I hope he gets better."

Nick Kyrgios said he learned about Rafael Nadal withdrawing as he was eating dinner on Thursday night.

From that moment, he knew he was a Grand Slam finalist, and he has understandably struggled to think about anything else since.

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"I had a shocking sleep last night, though, to be honest," Kyrgios said. "I probably got an hour's sleep just with everything, like the excitement.

"I had so much anxiety. I was already feeling so nervous, and I don't feel nervous usually.

"I was just restless. So many thoughts in my head about a Wimbledon final. That's all I was thinking about.

"I was thinking just [about] playing, obviously imagining myself winning, imagining myself losing.

"I feel like I'm just a reckless ball of energy right now. I just want to go out on the practice court now and hit some tennis balls and just talk.

"I don't know. I want it to come already. Yeah, I want the final to come already."

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