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Nick Kyrgios on depression struggles: 'I couldn't look at a tennis court, I had no happy feelings'

Nick Kyrgios Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios says he was considering taking a year out of tennis before the coronavirus crisis took its stranglehold on the world.

Kyrgios has opted to stay in Australia rather than re-join the ATP Tour after becoming a very vocal critic of the sport continuing during the pandemic.

Even the prospect of Grand Slam tennis at the US Open and French Open couldn't lure him back, but he says the reasons ran much deeper than Covid.

"I was actually seeing a psychologist before the ATP Cup earlier this year and I was thinking maybe it was time for me to just take a year off," Kyrgios told The Herald.

"Maybe just work on myself and try and get to a place where I was just happy and doing other things.

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"I couldn't look at a tennis court. I had no happy feelings. I had no desire to be out there. I had no motivation. I had no need for growth out there. I was just going through the motions.

"It wasn't making me happy. If anything it was decreasing my energy. It was a negative impact on my life.

"I was like 'this doesn't mean I have to stop completely but maybe it's time to take a break and take a step back and get in touch with other things'."

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