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Nick Kyrgios says he has 'made top ten players look ordinary' this year

Nick Kyrgios believes he has has made 'top ten players look ordinary' this year, but he won't be returning to a full ATP schedule any time soon.
Nick Kyrgios reacts in Australian Open defeat

Nick Kyrgios says he is 'proud' of where his career is right now, but he won't be returning to a full ATP schedule any time soon.

Kyrgios has appeared to be a lot more focused on his tennis this year after confronting some mental health problems during the enforced Covid break.

He won a doubles title at the Australian Open earlier this year and has a pair of semi-finals to his name during grass season too.

Apart from a brief appearance in the US between, those are the only real tournaments that Kyrgios has played this season, and he says he will continue to be highly selective about his schedule moving forward.

"I mean, that's who I am," Kyrgios told the press at Wimbledon. "I don't want to be the type of player that's going to play all year long.

"I think living in Australia - I've said it so many times - it's so hard to find the balance between spending time with your family, friends, having that kind of normal lifestyle.

"I don't want to be spending seven, eight months on the road anymore. I just don't want to be doing that.

The obvious drawback of that is that unless he consistently goes deep at Grand Slams, Nick Kyrgios will struggle to build his world ranking and break into the the top ten in the world, which is where many believe his talent belongs.

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He, though, says that simply isn't a priority.

"It's not something I really care about. Rankings and all that, it's not something I chase. I've played top-10 players in the world this year and made them look pretty ordinary.

"I mean, look, I know where my game's at. I know if I'm feeling confident, I'm playing well, I'm able to just light it up kind of whenever I want.

"But I've just got to pick and choose [my tournaments]. I don't play that often. When I play now, I've got to make sure I'm having some good results, putting my best effort.

"If I'd figured that out earlier in my career, maybe the narrative may have been different. But I'm proud to be where I'm at at the moment."

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