‘Sometimes tennis is a sh*t sport, it’s so frustrating,’ says Nick Kyrgios as he explains anger struggles

Nick Kyrgios says that tennis is sometimes a ‘sh*t sport,’ but his on-court reputation is not reflective of him as a person.

Kyrgios has endured multiple run-ins with ATP officials for what most of the media brand as ‘antics,’ including swearing, arguing with officials and spectators, racket abuse, and leaving the court without permission.

However, he says that is borne of frustration, and he can’t condone it.

“If I’m in a tough battle and I’m losing, I tend to swear a lot,” Kyrgios told TV show Reputation Rehab.

“Off the court, I actually don’t. I’m actually quite chilled and mellow. I’m never going to condone swearing and getting angry for no reason.

“You’re out there on your own. The camera’s always on that one person, there are microphones everywhere.

“If you had microphones everywhere in the AFL or NFL, some of the things would be pretty epic.

“I love what I can get out of the sport. A lot of young kids look up to me now and I can give back, but at times tennis is a sh*t sport. It’s so frustrating.”

Kyrgios also addressed his ‘bad boy’ reputation, and says much of it comes from the early stages of his career and his inability to deal with the success he enjoyed.

“I’ve been through a lot,” he said. “It all happened so quick for me. I wasn’t used to having cameras in my face, being in the spotlight.

“After Wimbledon [2014] when I beat [Rafael] Nadal, everything kind of changed.

“There were people camping outside my house for two weeks when I got back home, following me around when I went to the mall. I wasn’t really ready for the dramatic changes that I was experiencing.”

“It takes hard work to try to do good and one little mistake will put you back many steps.

“That’s always the way it is, isn’t it? But that’s our journey at the moment so we just embrace it.”

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