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Former French Davis Cup captain Arnaud Clement says there should be ‘no doubt’ that Rafael Nadal was innocent of doping at this year’s French Open.

Nadal won a 14th title at Roland Garros earlier in the year and it was one of his most remarkable ones ever, given he was battling a chronic foot injury.

He admitted to taking pain-killing injections to get him through matches, and some believed that gave him an unfair advantage.

Cyclists Guillaume Martin and Thibaut Pinot accused the Spaniard too, saying what Nadal did would be considered doing in their sport, although the World Anti-Doping Agency said there was no case to answer.

Clement has now had his say, and he believes the accusations have to stop.

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Speaking to Eurosport, Clement said: “I never asked myself the question in relation to Rafael Nadal, especially after the last Roland Garros, everything he did.

"In addition, he even almost made it public. So at some point, there are rules, we follow them or we go beyond them, but in no case do I believe that Rafael Nadal was on drugs. I have absolutely no doubts about the ethics of this player.

Clement went on to explain why any logic that Rafael Nadal is doping because of his raw physicality is flawed, as he says history has taught us there is actually no connection.

"It's not because a player is doped that he is particularly physical or athletic,” he said.

“You have to be careful with this kind of shortcut. We could also see players who were taken for doping and we said to ourselves, 'but no, not him, it's weird', because it's not the physics we imagine for a doped guy."

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