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'Nonsense and he knows it' - Andy Murray says he has 'lost respect' for Stefanos Tsitsipas

Andy Murray glare at Stefanos Tsitsipas at US Open

Andy Murray says he has 'lost respect' for Stefanos Tsitsipas after his match with him at the US Open.

Murray faced the world number three is a brilliant first-round clash, with Tsitsipas edging what turned out to be a five-set thriller.

The match was engulfed in controversy, though, with Murray openly accusing Tsitsipas of 'cheating' by taking lengthy comfort breaks and a medical timeout at the precise moments the Brit had the momentum in the match.

Tsitsipas has denied wrongdoing, saying he broke no rules, which is technically correct, but former world number one Murray does not see it that way at all.

“I lost respect for him,” Murray said. “Do you think that’s normal? Do you think it’s totally fine? I think it’s nonsense and he knows it as well.

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“I said I don’t want to do press tonight because I know I’m going to sit here and it’s going to sound like I’m just smashing him.

“That’s annoying to for me because it sounds like sour grapes because you’ve lost a match.

[But] I would have said the same thing if I’d won, I promise. It was nonsense, and he he knows it.”

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