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Novak Djokovic accuses tennis rule-makes of going 'too far' in attempts to speed up games

Has tennis gone 'too far' in its attempts to speed up matches? Novak Djokovic believes it has...
Novak Djokovic unhappy with speeding up of tennis

Novak Djokovic believes tennis has gone 'too far' in trying to speed the game up, and he is happy to accept his own role in that.

Tennis introduced the shot clock a few years ago in an attempt to stop players taking too long between points.

There have since been new rules on bathroom breaks too to force players to be more prompt when leaving the court.

It was welcomed by players in general, although Djokovic has raised the question about whether it has now gone too far the other way.

"I guess we're all different," Djokovic said. "I mean, I can speak for myself.

"I try to use that very short time to obviously hydrate myself, clean up my sweat (smiling), but also do some conscious breathing, re-centering, so to say, techniques that I have that have helped me throughout my career.

"Sometimes you actually don't have a minute because they start the clock as soon as the last point of the previous game is done. By the time you walked eventually to get a towel, to get the bench, it's already 20, 30 seconds passed.

"[It's a] very, very short time with these new rules with the shot clock. I don't like it, to be honest, so much because I feel like it's too much pressure on time."

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Novak Djokovic was by no means the worst offender before the introduction of the shot clock, although at one point in his career he did, by his own admission, spend a little too long bouncing the ball.

Rival Rafael Nadal is well-known for his pre-serve routine, and players such as Marin Cilic also slowed things down considerably.

"I understand that certain players, I mean, maybe including myself in the past, have taken too much time, maybe ball bouncing.

"I know people mind that with me, and I get that. I think we went a bit too far with speeding up the whole process.

"Whenever you talk to chair umpires, they obviously say it's the rules. I think at Roland Garros, I don't know if it's here, but I remember in Roland Garros the system was automatic.

"So it just starts counting down the time, the clock, as soon as the last shot was made in the previous game."

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