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Novak Djokovic admits events in Australia left him feeling 'not very pleasant' about tennis

Novak Djokovic has opened up about the how the events in Australia made him feel 'unpleasant' stepping onto a tennis court again.
Novak Djokovic unpleasant feeling Australia

Novak Djokovic says his sensations of playing tennis were 'not very pleasant' after the events of Australia, but not anymore.

Djokovic was deported from Australia in a messy legal wrangle over his vaccination status, stripping him of the chance to defend his title.

The whole series of events was an ugly one, with Djokovic vilified and kept in a detention facility while the courts decided his fate.

He returned later in the year but initially struggled, although he looks back to his best again now.

Asked if he felt 'bummed out' by the events of the year so far, Djokovic said: "I never used that expression so I don't know exactly what it means. I can assume what it means.

"Yes and no. Yes, because I've experienced something that I've never experienced in my life in Australia. So this post-Australian period of next several months was challenging emotionally for me because of a lot of different factors.

"In terms of my motivation on the court, fulfilling my everyday chores, trying to win more titles and be one of the contenders for more Grand Slams, it hasn't changed
much, to be honest.

"I try to keep it together with the team in such way where we stick to the routines that we know that work for us.

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"But, of course, the sensation coming back on the court with everything that happened post-Australia, particularly first few tournaments, was different. It was a different
feel. Not very pleasant to me.

"Right now I don't feel the traces of that, so to say, any more. I move on. I play tournament by tournament. I try to make the most out of experience."

Novak Djokovic is unlikely to be able to play the US Open due to his vaccination status either this year, and Australia may be off the table again in 2023.

That means he may now be playing his last Grand Slam for 11 months, but he says he is not thinking about the future right now - only Wimbledon.

"Well, I'm aware that the circumstances are such at this moment, that that's the case, as you mentioned," he said.

"Of course, I guess that motivates me more to try to make the most out of this tournament. I'm not really in my thoughts so far ahead.

"I'll see how it goes, I guess, after Wimbledon. Not much time after Wimbledon before US Open. I'm hoping some things can change and that I'll be able to go and compete.

"I would want to. But it is what it is at the moment. My thoughts and attention is here."

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