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Novak Djokovic admits he 'started to doubt his shots' before stunning Wimbledon comeback

Novak Djokovic has given a fascinating insight into how he turned around his Wimbledon quarterfinal against Jannik Sinner after admitting he had 'started to doubt his shots'.
Novak Djokovic Jannik Sinner celebration Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic admitted that he was struggling mentally in the first two sets against Jannik Sinner at Wimbledon, and explained how he turned it around.

Sinner took a two set lead against Djokovic in their quarterfinal clash on Tuesday, and at that point he looked like he was dominating the 20-time major winner.

However, Djokovic was able to zone himself in after that, and appeared to instantly wrestle momentum back into his favour.

And that, he said, starts with the sheer will to believe in himself.

“I started doubting my shots," Djokovic explained. "He started believing in himself more. He just had a better mentality on the court I guess.

“He had confidence to step in and dictate the play. I was too passive, and it happens, so I was really in a defence mode, to be honest. [There was] just not much positive happening for me in terms of my game.”

In his on-court interview earlier, Novak Djokovic had said that winning the 'inner-battle' was the key to his comeback.

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He further elaborated on that to the press afterwards, he said it was about finding positivity in his game, not extra aggression.

“There was no aggression there," he explained. “It really gives you an effect and support if you are trying to, you know, find the right and positive affirmations and tell it to yourself and kind of reanimate yourself in a way.

“So that's what I have done. I did it after I lost the first two sets in the final of Roland Garros against [Stefsnos] Tsitsipas.

“It doesn't always work. It's not a guarantee it will always work.”

As well as working on his own psyche, Djokovic said he we was able to turn the tables on Sinner too by putting himself in the mind of the young Italian.

"I felt that Sinner had nothing to lose before the match, but had a lot to lose when he was two sets to love up," said Djokovic. "I could feel that on a mental level."

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