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'I would like to organise the Adria Tour again,' says Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic smiling

Novak Djokovic says he hopes to persist with the Adria Tour despite last year's event being struck by a COVID outbreak.

Djokovic and wife Jelena were among those who tested positive for the virus during the exhibition event last summer.

Although no local rules on social distancing were broken, Djokovic still came in for criticism for a perceived failure to protect the public and eventually apologised.

However, the motivation behind the event was to help support tennis and tennis players in the Balkans, and that is a cause that is still very much close to his heart.

"I would like to organize the Adria Tour again," Novak Djokovic said ahead of Belgrade 2.

"I think this idea is beautiful, to help tennis in the Balkans, to unite the region with the help of sport. It is one of the few areas that unites people.

"I think what we managed to put together last year was fun and I want that to continue.

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"As a tennis player, I want to travel as much as possible to the region and countries of the former Yugoslavia."

Belgrade has returned to the ATP and WTA schedules this year for the first time in nine years, and the week delay to the start of the French Open created a window to put on a second event.

"This tournament (Belgrade 2) was a surprise for all of us due to the postponement of Roland Garros for a week," Djokovic added.

"Under normal conditions, in the next few years we will have an ATP tournament and a WTA tournament.

"The success of a country in tennis lies in the number of tournaments that are played at home.

"We are working to organize more tournaments in the future. For the youngest who are starting, having more tournaments at home will mean that there are less trips and therefore less expenses."

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