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'I want to play the Australian Open, but not sure about ATP Cup,' admits Novak Djokovic

"I'm just hoping for the sake of tennis and sake of players that we will have Australian Open..."
Novak Djokovic celebrates ATP Cup

Novak Djokovic is 'not sure' if he will be able to reprise his starring role for Serbia at the ATP Cup next year - even if it goes ahead. 

Djokovic led his country to the title in the inaugural edition of the competition back in January, although some doubt still remains over the viability of the competition in 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions in Australia.

However, even if it goes ahead, Djokovic thinks he probably can't be a part of Serbia's defence.

"From what I've heard the latest news from Tennis Australia is that the Australian Open and the rest of the tournaments will be held in Victoria state, mostly Melbourne and around Melbourne," Djokovic said.

"I hope that it will happen. I want to play in Australia, Australian Open.

"I'm not sure about the ATP Cup and the tournaments before, because obviously you have to leave quite in advance, I think two-and-a-half or three weeks prior to the first match.

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"I'm just hoping for the sake of tennis and sake of players that we will have Australian Open and also possibility of ATP Cup and couple more tournaments at least."

If the ATP Cup does go a head, though, it may be a much reduced format from last year, revealed Djokovic.

"We don't know whether ATP Cup is happening," he added. "We heard some rumours there might be eight teams only.

"Obviously you want things to be ideal, but what is ideal in these circumstances? We really don't know.

"So I think it's out of our reach. Also Tennis Australia has to follow what the Australian government is regulating and proposing them to do."

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