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Is Novak Djokovic in danger of failing to qualify for the ATP Finals in Turin this year?

The world rankings are not reflecting fairly upon Novak Djokovic and his tennis right now, but is he in danger of missing the ATP Finals? Spoiler: The answer is no! (but here is why...)
Novak Djokovic world number one trophy

It’s fair to say that the world rankings are not really fairly reflecting upon Novak Djokovic and his tennis right now.

Djokovic is currently the world number seven, and he will drop further should he be unable to defend the 1,200 points he won for reaching the US Open final last season.

That has left many wondering if the unthinkable could happen with Djokovic missing out on the ATP Finals in Turin in November. The answer, though, is almost certainly not.

After winning Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic is guaranteed a place at the ATP Finals in Turin as long as he finishes the season in the top 20.

Djokovic is currently 10th in the race for Turin, which is certainly an unusual position for him to find himself in.

In truth, the only reason Djokovic is as far back as 10th is due to the removal of ranking points from Wimbledon. Had he been awarded the 2,000 he would normally receive for winning it, he would be fourth and looking certain to qualify. He still should be relatively comfortable regardless, though.

ATP Finals qualification rules

The ATP have a provision for rewarding Grand Slam champions in the race for the Finals, and rightly so.

Novak Djokovic sets Grand Slams target

“The top seven players in the ATP Race To Turin after the Rolex Paris Masters on 7 November qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals,” the rules state on the ATP website.

“If there is one current-year Grand Slam champion positioned between eighth and 20th in the Race, he qualifies in eighth place. If there are two current-year Grand Slam champions positioned between eighth and 20th in the Race, the highest-placed of those players becomes the eighth and final qualifier; the lower-placed Grand Slam champion will serve as the alternate.

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“If there are no current-year Grand Slam champions positioned between eighth and 20th, then the player at eighth in the Race will claim the eighth and final berth.”

So, essentially, top 20 and Grand Slam winner gets you to Turin, and Djokovic has already completed half of that. The other half, is very easily within his reach.

What has Novak Djokovic said about ATP Finals?

Djokovic was asked if he was worried about him qualifying for the ATP Finals after winning Wimbledon, although it appears to have been by a journalist perhaps not entirely sure of the rules.

"As I understand from my agent today, winning Grand Slam would qualify you for World Tour Finals unless you're out of top 20,” Djokovic said.

"With accumulated points so far, I guess I'll make top 20. Yeah, I guess I have a good chance to be already in the Finals. I will not burden myself to really have to go and play tournaments and get points.

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"I'll see. I don't really feel any pressure or necessity to play a certain schedule. And things have changed in the last year, year and a half for me.

"I achieved that historic No. 1, weeks for No. 1, that I worked for all my life. Now that that's done and dusted, I prioritize slams and big tournaments really and where I want to play, where I feel good.

"We still have not spoken about the schedule, Goran and I. We have to sit down and see what the news are from States and whether that's happening or not happening, then take it from there."

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