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'No free points' - Andy Murray reveals secret of brilliant Novak Djokovic return game

Novak Djokovic shocked

Andy Murray believes Novak Djokovic is easily the best returner in the world, and the trick is that he doesn't go for big winners.

Murray has spent his entire career fighting against Djokovic with them emerging at just about the same time, and the Scotsman has won more than a few admirers for his return himself.

However, it is Djokovic who Murray acknowledges as the finest returner in tennis today.

“He’s not an unbelievably aggressive returner, "Murray told Gael Monfils of Djokovic in a Twitch stream recently. "It’s not like he’s hitting lots of clean winners on the return. He’s just got great depth.

“He doesn’t miss many. He returns well on the first and second serve, I think overall he’s the best returner.

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"And when he’s on with the return, you’re getting hardly any free points, which is big.”

Monfils, who has lost 17 matches out of 17 against Djokovic, agreed, adding the pressure the Serbian creates is immense.

“He builds a lot of pressure on your serve, to do something, to force a little bit sometimes or even to slow down a bit and mix up the speeds," Monfils said.

"But when he’s on, his return is unbelievable."

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