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'Novak Djokovic definitely needs rhythm to win Slams,' warns Alex Corretja

Novak Djokovic celebrates Australian Open

Novak Djokovic will have to balance his lighter schedule with his need to maintain his all-important rhythm, says Alex Corretja.

Djokovic has decided to step back from the ATP Tour a little this year and play fewer tournaments.

Instead, he will take valuable time with his family and try to remain fresh for the Grand Slams.

However, Corretja believes Djokovic is a player who thrives more than most on regular competition, so he will need to be very clever with his planning.

“He (Novak Djokovic) doesn’t need to play all of the time but definitely he needs rhythm to be able to get into the Slams and be able to win,” Corretja told Tennishead.

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“He has the kind of game that he needs to put a lot of balls on the court to get the feeling that he wants.

“The good thing for him is that when he plays many of the players they play similar to him but at a different level.

“Most of the guys now they hit very hard with the serve, the forehand and the two-handed backhand, so they face a mirror but a better mirror than they are, so that’s why players have so many problems with Novak.

“But for that he needs to get matches under his belt because otherwise it’s difficult for him."

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