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'Novak Djokovic does not make anyone dream - Roger Federer does,' says Gilles Simon

Novak Djokovic looks on

People do not want to have to consider Novak Djokovic the greatest of all time because he is not Roger Federer, claims Gilles Simon. 

Djokovic will surpass Federer for total weeks at world number one in March. He has also been the year-end world number one more times than Federer, and won more Masters titles.

Federer still holds three more Grand Slam titles than Djokovic, although the Serbian appears to be well-positioned to overhaul that total too.

However, Federer holds a huge amount of mainstream popularity that Djokovic sometimes struggles to attain, and Simon believes he knows why.

“It’s okay to sell Federer to everyone because it’s admirable in so many ways," Simon said.

"But a Novak Djokovic is also admirable. Except that with him, we especially want to remember that he is not Federer.

Roger Federer at Wimbledon
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“Everyone would like Roger to be the greatest of all time. Because the public first loves a player for his game.

"Then, he projects it on his personality. With Federer, everything fits. With Djoko, no. His game does not make anyone dream.

“And he suffers from it, as in the Wimbledon final against Federer, where he has the whole public against him. It must be hard for him.

"Perhaps he should have played his “character” thoroughly. Like Andy Murray did, in the self-sacrifice side, beating that which never lets go, even if it means being painful.

"With Djokovic, we would have liked him to take the wrong role: I’m going to beat everyone with my unspectacular game, period.”

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